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What is a Pump Track?

BMX pump tracks are non-racing tracks that are designed and built on small areas or for those on a tight budget.

Increasingly popular in recent years, BMX pump tracks are ideal for beginners or for those looking to improve their BMX biking skills. They are typically shorter and narrower than standard BMX race tracks with a circuit of rollers, berms and jumps that usually loops back on itself so that riders can keep on going.

Pump tracks are a great place to start building up BMX biker skills, and the circuits are also used for skateboards, rollerblades, scooters and mountain bikes. Perfect for practising, they are safe to ride and fun for all ages and skill levels. They have become an increasingly popular budget option for schools, sports centres, BMX clubs and even private individuals.

BMX pump tracks are appearing in public parks, playing fields, on waste ground and even in people's back gardens. Not only do they build up BMX riding skills, but pump tracks are also an excellent way to promote health and fitness.

Pump Track Design

Good pump track design enables the rider to use a 'pump' motion to propel the bike forwards without using the pedals.

BMX pump tracks are typically one to two metres wide and will include a variety of hills and jumps.

The track is often contoured to fit the lie of the land and can blend in with the landscaped to look aesthetically pleasing.

Options can include tarmacadam or block paved surfaces, limestone dust or bound tracks and a wide variety of drainage solutions.

The build time for Clark & Kent Contractors usually is two to five weeks depending on the type of track layout required.

All pump tracks designed and built by Clark & Kent Contractors are fully compliant with health and safety standards as set out by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

Clark & Kent Pump Track Development

Clark & Kent has designed and constructed pump tracks for councils, educational bodies, sports organisations, schools, BMX clubs and private clients both in the UK and abroad, including the USA, Switzerland and Norway.

We have designed, supplied and Installed pump tracks in the UK as far north as Aberdeen and as far south as Folkestone. Our central location in the UK means that no project is too small or ever too far away.

Our crack team of designers can oversee the whole BMX Pump Track project from initial sketches through to completed works.

C&K can build pump tracks for clients on a tight budget or in 'difficult' areas where design constraints call for innovative skills.

Visit our project pages for many examples of completed BMX Pump Track projects.

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