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Farnborough Pump Track, Hampshire

Farnborough pump track was in Moor Road Park due to the local council looking to invest in play equipment and recreational facilities within the borough. Plans were drawn up for a pump track, MUGA and a new large children's play area.

Clark & Kent was chosen to build the pump track due to their experience of working in public open spaces next to existing play equipment. The council asked Clark & Kent to carry the final part of construction to use their landscaping experience to do all the remedial and reinstatement work after other contractors had finished.

The park now has recreational provisions for all types and ages through a wide range of activities. The Farnborough pump track was constructed in the winter months and delivered on time and budget. The pump track building work took around five weeks.

The local council was very impressed with the return on investment and is looking to construct similar projects in the borough. We look forward to engaging in similar track building projects. Other C&K pump tracks built in the southeast include Beggerwood, Cardfields, Danes Field, Fleet, Harrow, Hordle, Portsmouth, Pure Bicycles, Reading, Swingfield Minis, Totton

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