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Cardfields Pump Track, Essex

Cardfields Outdoor Education Centre is owned and managed by Islington Council in London. It is used as a centre for education to give inner-city youngsters a chance to enjoy the rural setting and countryside location.

The centre is a fantastic provision for all. Clark & Kent Contractors was commissioned to bring under-used pump track facilities up to date, make them safe, and enhance the user experience by increasing rider flow by re-profiling existing features. We shaped and resurfaced both the learn-to-ride area and the main pump track.

Works included various tasks, along with adding a full maintenance-free tarmac surface to give the Cardfields pump track a free-rolling circuit in any weather condition. The construction of a tarmac surface ensured the pump track had no downtime or unusable periods in adverse weather conditions.

Both pump tracks had work undertaken by Clark & Kent concurrently with an eight-person team used to upgrade this fantastic facility within one working week to minimise disruption to the Cardfields Outdoor Education Centre's very busy schedule.

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