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Oakgrove Pump Track, Milton Keynes

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Oakgrove Pump Track

This case study presents an overview of the pump track project at Oakgrove, Milton Keynes, its objectives, the challenges faced, the solutions implemented, and the overall success of the finished pump track. The Oakgrove track is a prime example of how Clark and Kent's expertise and dedication can transform a community space into a thriving recreational facility. The client for this project was the Milton Keynes City Council, and it took approximately six weeks to complete, with the final delivery in June 2023.


The Oakgrove pump track project had multiple primary objectives. Firstly, it aimed to provide a recreational space to encourage community engagement and outdoor activities for people of all ages. Secondly, the track was designed to meet strict safety standards and ensure the safety of users. Thirdly, the track's design targeted riders of varying skill levels and abilities, from beginners to experienced cyclists and skaters. Lastly, sustainability was a crucial aspect, with the construction and materials chosen to minimise the environmental impact and ensure the pump track's long-term sustainability.


The project faced several challenges in execution. First, the available area for construction was limited, necessitating a creative and efficient design to make the most of the given space. Second, the project had a fixed budget, requiring careful planning and cost-effective solutions to deliver the best results without compromising quality. Last, obtaining necessary permits and approvals from local authorities and stakeholders proved to be a time-consuming process.


To overcome the challenges, the project team devised several innovative solutions. The experienced BMX track design team from Clark and Kent used the available space ingeniously, incorporating various curves, jumps, and berms to create a diverse and exciting track layout. The team used environmentally friendly construction materials, such as recycled asphalt and eco-friendly surface coatings, to minimise the project's carbon footprint. Safety features such as appropriate signage, fencing, and a gradual progression of difficulty levels were integrated into the design to enhance user safety. Collaboration with the Milton Keynes City Council and the community ensured that the track met the expectations and needs of residents.


The construction phase involved earthworks, shaping the track layout, and installing drainage systems to prevent water pooling. A special pump track surface was created to provide riders with optimal traction, enhancing their track riding experience while reducing the risk of accidents. The surrounding landscape was also enhanced with greenery and seating areas, making the space more inviting for spectators and riders' families.


The Oakgrove Pump Track has quickly become a hub for outdoor enthusiasts, attracting individuals from various ages and skill levels. It has fostered a sense of community pride and unity, encouraging more people to participate in outdoor activities and promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle.
The Milton Keynes City Council and the local community have expressed satisfaction with the track's design, safety measures, and its contribution to the community. Moreover, using environmentally friendly materials and construction techniques has set a positive example for future recreational projects.
The building of the pump track by Clark and Kent Contractors showcases the company's ability to deliver high-quality recreational facilities that meet community needs and aspirations. The Oakgrove Pump Track is a real asset for the residents of Milton Keynes, providing a safe, fun, and sustainable space for outdoor activities.

Location: Oakgrove Pump Track, Ouzel Valley Park, Oakgrove, Milton Keynes MK10 9UN

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