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BMX Track & Skatepark Talking Points

Welcome to Clark & Kent's specialist BMX track building and bike talk pages. Clark & Kent design, build and maintain all BMX tracks – from local village pump tracks and skateparks to world-class BMX track racing circuits.
Building a BMX track, pump track or skatepark requires skill and experience, which is something that Clark & Kent consultants have in plenty with over 20 years of experience in BMX track design and construction.
A well-built BMX track or skatepark is a community facility that encourages the young and old to enjoy fast, exciting, growing multi-wheeled sports. Tracks come in a range of guises. The main ones are:

Pump tracks
You usually find pump tracks in local parks or recreation grounds, and they become more popular yearly as they are relatively cheap to build and maintain. Pump tracks are a great way to keep fit, meet people and improve riding skills.

BMX tracks
These can be indoor or outdoor and vary from amateur tracks to elite tracks built to international standards with start hills, electric start gates and diverse layouts. BMX riders usually belong to a club where members can compete in races.

Skateparks are purpose-built indoor or outdoor areas made for multi-wheeled recreational sports such as skateboarding, BMX riding, scootering and roller skating. Skate parks usually have ramps, rails, and other components where skaters can perform and practice tricks and manoeuvres.

Dirt trails
Dirt trails are off-road unpaved paths usually made of earth, often created in countryside areas like forests and are designed for mountain trail bikes. Trails can vary in difficulty, from gentle, family-friendly routes to challenging trails that demand high skill and fitness levels.

As BMX bike enthusiasts and skateboarders, we have put together a few articles to celebrate the sport of BMK bike racing, cycling and skateboarding to encourage people to take up any of these multi-wheeled sports. Click on an article to read more.

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