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Welcome to Clark & Kent's specialist BMX track building and bike talk pages. Clark & Kent design, build and maintain all types of BMX track — from local village Pump Tracks to world class BMX track racing circuits.

Building a BMX or Pump track requires skill and experience and that is something that C&K Consultants have in plenty with more than 20 years experience in BMX track design and construction.

A well-built BMX or Pump Track is a community facility that will encourage young and old to enjoy the fast, exciting and growing sport of BMX bike racing.

As BMX bike enthusiasts ourselves we have put together a few articles to celebrate the sport of BMK bike racing and to encourage people to take up the sport of BMX biking. Click on an article to read more.

Skatepark in action
Clarke & Kent: Wed 19 Feb 3:35pm

Skateparks can help revitalise city parks and rejuvenate urban spaces, attracting young people and improving the quality of life for communities.MORE

Young BMX riders at start gate
Clarke & Kent

BMX biking is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, offering a huge range of sporting opportunities for enthusiasts of all ages. Clark & Kent are world-renowned for their BMX track building skills.MORE

Skateboards in skatepark
Clarke & Kent

Building a skatepark is a relatively cheap way of providing a highly valued community facility. Clark & Kent can offer skatepark builders some expert advice on planning, design, construction and maintenance.MORE

pump track design
Clarke & Kent

Pump tracks are great places to learn BMX bike racing skills. A BMX pump track is just a continuous circuit of hills and banks, usually made of soil and dirt, that can be ridden without the use of pedals.MORE

bmx bike racing track AdobeStock_143128545
Clarke & Kent

BMX racers need strong legs, cool heads and proper mental strategies to improve performance in every race. A good BMX track rider needs a mindset that clears the way for faster, more skilful rides.MORE

bmx bike map
Material matters for BMX bikes

The frame is the backbone of any BMX bike and its manufacture is central to how the bike feels to the user and how it feels to ride. BMX bike frames must combine the high strength with low weight.MORE

BMX bike racing
Narrow down your BMX bike options

The first-time buyer of a BMX race bike can be forgiven for being utterly bewildered by the options on offer. It pays to do a little research first and hone in on the best BMX bike for your needs.MORE

pump track bmx biker boy
All you need is muscles and shovels

Many will have day-dreamed about having a practice BMX pump track built right outside their door or in the back garden. Pump tracks are not just great fun for beginners they can help the pros to hone their skills.MORE

bmx racing
Guidelines for BMX track builders

Since BMX racing began in the US in the 1960s, it has grown into a popular international sport for all ages that since 2008 even features in the Olympics. It was inevitable that some international standards had to be set.MORE

bmx racing riders
Better at basic BMX bike skills

Many core BMX bike skills can be practised away from the BMX track and even seasoned bikers can benefit from a 'back to basics' mind-set. Seated wheelies, bunny hops and balancing, are just a few of the techniques.MORE

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