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BMX track building guidelines

Building a BMX track for racing or fun requires careful thought about the design, preparation, construction and maintenance.
BMX track racing is a fast and exciting sport, and BMX tracks built for fun are growing in popularity as more people realise that BMX biking is a relatively cheap and healthy outdoor activity for young and old.
The sport of BMX, from grassroots to international level, has an excellent safety record, and it is in the best interests of everyone that BMX tracks are built to high standards by approved track-building consultants.
Clark & Kent Contractors has built every type of BMX track imaginable, from cheap and straightforward backyard Pump Tracks to complex world-class Olympic circuits designed and constructed to exacting international competition specifications.
The company helped to formulate the UCI track building guidelines which ensures track builders worldwide build BMX race tracks to defined standards.
Our customers vary from local parish councillors to international and Olympic clients with meticulously planned designs to meet the most rigorous demands of elite competition.

Years of experience

The process of building a BMX track is remarkably straightforward, and Clark & Kent Contractors have years of experience in handling BMX projects of all sizes and shapes from start to finish.
From the first point of contact, we do our best to make our customers feel comfortable and at ease, no matter how simple or how complex the project is. Whoever the customer and whatever the project, we first discuss the client's needs in detail to tailor a package that will best suit the requirements without breaking the bank.

Talking to clients

Typically, we receive an outline project with a budget to build to, and a meeting is arranged to talk over what Clark & Kent can offer. When necessary, we meet clients on-site and carry out a general survey. Many clients are surprised at how little land is needed to build a simple BMX track. We have found that our advice and experience in BMX track building worldwide have helped clients shape the best scheme to meet both their ambitions and their budgets. If designs are required, our team of experts will cost, design and supply appropriate bespoke plans and drawings that can include 3D visualisations if necessary.

Funding and planning expertise

Clark & Kent will also consult on funding and planning matters. We have worked extensively with local authorities across the UK and have an excellent working relationship with many council planning, education and leisure departments at all levels. Once the go-ahead is given, we arrange a pre-start meeting to ensure everything is in place before starting work. The first task is to fence off the site, mark out the BMX track and arrange to import all the necessary materials. Drainage is one of the first considerations when building a BMX track. It is no use making a circuit that will get waterlogged. Public access is also a significant consideration, especially if the track is situated near a road, and requires perimeter fencing, car parking or other facilities.

Expert staff on hand

Once work gets underway, our expert staff will shape the tracks to include all the required hills, berms and jumps. The track is then compacted and surfaced with appropriate materials such as stone, limestone dust or tarmacadam. If required, a start hill will be constructed and a start gate installed to meet the full UCI specification. Larger sites may require spectator seating and fencing, staging pens for riders, floodlights, Start hill canopies, gantries or marshal points.
No scheme is too big for Clark & Kent Contractors to tackle. The company helped formulate the UCI BMX track-building guidelines in 2014, which are now the industry standard. The UCI guidelines allow track builders worldwide to build BMX race tracks to a clearly defined UCI standard. The technical guidelines also assist national federations in setting the levels needed to promote BMX racing. The company can also carry out any landscaping schemes to enhance the track, including tree and shrub planting as well as turf laying. Clark & Kent Contractors not only hand over the completed site but pledge to maintain the newly-built BMX track for the first 12 months.

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