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What is a BMX track?

Full-sized standard BMX tracks are the backbone of BMX racing in the UK.

BMX racing takes place on a growing number of purpose-built outdoor and indoor tracks across the country.

Constructed of compacted dirt and stone sub-bases with limestone or tarmacadam surfacing, BMX race tracks are usually 300-400 metres long and feature a starting ramp, banked corners called berms and a variety of small hills and jumps.

Many active BMX clubs offer lessons for beginners, skills sessions for more advanced riders and organise race meetings for the most experienced.

Up to eight riders can test their skills at BMX race track meetings which offer exciting, fast-paced events for riders and spectators alike.

The UK has club racing, regional BMX events, British Cycling's British BMX series and National BMX championships throughout the year.

Regional BMX Track Design

Slightly smaller than national centres, regional BMX race tracks are built to minimum requirements outlined by British Cycling (BC) regulations and to meet the 'regional' facility criteria of British Cycling.

Regional BMX race tracks generally are around 400 metres in length and can accommodate up to eight competitive riders.

Regional BMX track design can vary but courses will typically have a starting hill of two to three metres in height and the track will include jumps, obstacles and corners that test BMX rider skills to the full.

Starting gates are required for regional racetracks with tarmacadam start hills and berms very much the norm.

Riders use regional tracks can develop their racing skills to a standard that will give them the confidence to compete on national racetracks.

Often built at outdoor public open spaces such as parks or playing fields, regional tracks have a more informal atmosphere than national or SX tracks and yet provide a demanding test of BMX biking skills.

Visit our project pages to see dozens of examples of completed Regional BMX Track projects.

National BMX Track Design

Longer, faster and usually more challenging than regional tracks, National BMX tracks may often incorporate a 'pro' section to generate a rigorous examination of BMX bike racing skills.

National BMX track designs will often feature start gates, perimeter fencing, spectator seating, staging areas, floodlights, finishing lines and car parks.

Jumps and berms all tend to be bigger and more demanding than standard BMX tracks with start hills up to five metres high and berms higher than three metres.

Often the 'pro' sections of national BMX tracks will be designed to allow BMX riders to reach very high speeds before tackling demanding jump sections.

Although regularly used for top class racing events, National BMX tracks can often be run and maintained by local BMX clubs on behalf of local councils or sporting organisations.

The venues are often a centre for BMX biking for whole regions of the country yet have a strong local spirit with volunteers often on hand to help run the facility and to stage BMX bike events.

Clark & Kent BMX Track Builders

Clark & Kent Contractors has a worldwide reputation for BMX track design and BMX track building with unrivalled expertise in track construction.

The company has clients from all over the world with BMX track building projects that range from small-scale pump tracks to BMX supercross tracks built to international standards.

Successful BMX track build projects include the London 2012 Olympic track and the UCI SX circuit track in Switzerland.

Clark & Kent can act as BMX track consultants, designers, and builders making C&K your one-stop shop for all BMX track design and construction work.

Browse some of our projects to see many examples of National BMX track circuits completed by Clark & Kent Contractors.

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