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Condover Pump Track, Shropshire

Condover tarmac pump track building

In the Shropshire village of Condover, about five miles from Shrewsbury, the community sought an innovative recreational space to cater to the diverse interests of its residents. In response to this need, the local authorities decided to invest in a cutting-edge all-tarmac BMX pump track. After a thorough evaluation, they selected Clark and Kent Contractors to carry out the pump track construction for Condover. Clark & Kent is renowned for its expertise in constructing world-class pump tracks.
The Condover pump track project aimed to create a versatile and inclusive recreational space suitable for cyclists of all skill levels and ages. The project included constructing a state-of-the-art pump track comprising smooth tarmac surfaces, berms, rollers and jumps, providing riders a challenging yet enjoyable experience.

Pump track challenges

The project encountered various challenges, including the need for meticulous planning to ensure the track's suitability for riders of different abilities. Additionally, the construction site presented some geographical challenges that required the expertise of Clark and Kent Contractors to overcome.
We approached the project with a comprehensive plan incorporating feedback from the local community. Their team used advanced engineering techniques to adapt the track layout to the terrain, ensuring a seamless integration with the natural surroundings. The choice of tarmac as the primary surface material was to provide a smooth and durable riding experience while minimising maintenance requirements.

Community Involvement

Recognising the importance of community involvement, Clark & Kent actively engaged with residents throughout the project construction. We organised community meetings to gather input on design preferences and held informational sessions to address any concerns. This collaborative approach fostered a sense of ownership among local people and contributed to the project's overall success.
Pump track construction at Condover also prioritised environmental sustainability. We implemented many measures to minimise the track's ecological impact, including using eco-friendly materials and environmentally conscious construction practices. The new BMX pump cycle track at Condover covers an area of 240 sq. meters and is suitable for children aged 9 to 14 years.

Pump track achievement

Completing the Condover all tarmac pump track marked a significant achievement for the community and Clark and Kent. The track is a recreation beacon, attracting riders from Condover and neighbouring areas. Its popularity has enhanced the local quality of life and positively impacted tourism, showcasing the village as a destination for cycling enthusiasts.
The Condover project shows what can be achieved through collaboration between a dedicated community and a skilled contractor. Clark and Kent Contractors' commitment to excellence, innovative solutions, and community engagement has left a lasting legacy, providing a recreational space that will be enjoyed by generations to come. Other facilities at the Condover village sports ground include a cricket field, full-size football pitch and junior pitch, changing rooms, tea room and car park.

Location: Sports Ground, Station Rd, Condover, Shrewsbury SY5 7BQ

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