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Harlescott Pump Track, Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury Town Council tendered for the construction of a new cycling facility, and Clark & Kent Contractors were chosen to carry out the BMX track construction work. Clark & Kent has completed several pump track building projects in the area and has many favourable references from clients.

The Harlescott pump track was completed in line with our comprehensive specification, as used in many of Clark & Kent Contractors' pump track building projects. The pump track building works at Harlescott included:

Site measuring and marking out.
Site strip and the importation of suitable fill material.
Placement, compaction and formation of the track.
Sub-base surfacing.
A landscaping scheme.

Shrewsbury's Harlescott track is a low-budget, small play track designed to give new riders the confidence and ability to explore bigger more challenging BMX tracks. Overall, a great provision now exists for the local area and adds to the number of pump tracks constructed by Clark & Kent in and around Shropshire.

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harlescott pump track shrewsbury side view
harlescott pump track shrewsbury long view
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