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Charity Brook Park Pump Track Evesham

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Charity Brook Park pump track

In 2020 Evesham Council wanted an inclusive all-wheeled pump track for their community after securing funding. Clark and Kent won the contract to build the Charity Brook Park BMX pump track in Evesham.

The track sits in a sensitive woodland adjacent to a watercourse in the picturesque Charity Brook Park, a focal point for the town. Clark & Kent Contractors consulted with a mixed user group to ensure the design met the needs of all mini-wheeled users such as BMX and MTB riders, skateboard, longboard and carver board users, scooter riders, roller skate and rollerblade users and others.

Clark & Kent have worked with prestigious clients on a variety of projects that required a low impact on the surrounding areas and landscape. Some project-specific work included 2D and 3D cellular root protection and extensive bespoke tree protection measures.

General pump track building works included sensitive and selective tree works, formation and compaction of the track, tarmac surfacing and applying directional markings. A landscape and turf scheme ensured quick recovery times for the surrounding areas leaving the park aesthetically pleasing.

Wychavon Council's expectations were surpassed with the finished pump track at Evesham. The scheme rolled out in the summer of 2020 and is a great success, with many users enjoying the track year-round and in all weather conditions.

Clark & Kent Contractors were instrumental in organising and implementing the opening event. The Lord Mayor was present and team riders gave demonstrations of pump track riding with free prizes and gift giveaways for visitors. The project was delivered on time within the four-week timescale and under budget. We look forward to working with the client on future BMX track-building projects in Evesham.

Take a look at our video of building the Charity Brook Park pump track

Location: Charity Brook Park Pump Track, Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 2GD

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