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Hapton Pump Track Lancashire

Hapton Pump Track

In May 2024, Clark and Kent Contractors completed the construction of the all-tarmac Hapton Pump Track, a vibrant recreational facility nestled within the heart of Hapton village in Lancashire.

This project marked a significant collaboration between Clark and Kent Contractors and the local council to transform the area into a brilliant new community asset.

The project was aimed at revitalising an old track within Hapton by converting it into an engaging pump track that would serve as a focal point for outdoor recreation and community events.

The teams involved were particularly proud of the following aspects of the track design and build.

  Design and construct a track suitable for riders of all ages and skill levels.
  Align track design and construction with community needs and preferences.
  Utilise sustainable materials and environmentally friendly construction practices.
  Enhance the overall aesthetic appeal while promoting safety and accessibility.

Clark and Kent's collaboration with the council was instrumental in successfully building the all-tarmac Hapton Pump Track. From the initial planning to the final implementation, both parties worked closely to transform the allocated area into a brilliant new facility. Working with the council, Clark and Kent Contractors identified a suitable location for the pump track. The council assisted with site preparation efforts, including land clearing and grading, to create an appropriate foundation for construction.

Located on the Hapton Recreation Ground, the pump track gives young people something to do year-round, adding to amenities like the leisure playground and sports facilities. The Hapton Recreation Ground is easily accessible, with well-maintained pathways and open spaces suitable for walking, running, and other recreational activities. The new Hapton pump track is a testament to the power of a shared vision and innovation. It exemplifies the transformative impact that can be achieved through effective collaboration and teamwork, leaving a lasting legacy of enjoyment and enrichment for the residents of Hapton.

Location: Hapton Recreation Ground, Ruskin Grove, Hapton, BB11 5RG

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