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Windmill St Pump Track Macclesfield

Windmill Street Pump Track

In 2010, Clark & Kent Contractors revolutionized the BMX scene in the United Kingdom by constructing the Windmill Street BMX Pump Track in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Notable for its innovative use of a block-paved start ramp and berms, the track quickly became a benchmark for modern BMX facilities.

In 2024, Clark & Kent Contractors returned to enhance the iconic facility, providing an all-tarmac surface to elevate the riding experience and meet the community's evolving needs.

The Windmill Street pump track project aimed to address several key challenges and objectives:

Surface Enhancement: While groundbreaking, the original track required an upgrade to meet modern standards. The transition from block paving to an all-tarmac surface was identified as the optimal solution for improved durability, performance, and rider safety.
Community Engagement: A priority was Ensuring the project aligned with the desires of the local BMX community and Macclesfield residents. Clark & Kent actively sought input from stakeholders to tailor the enhancements to meet the needs of both experienced riders and newcomers.
Sustainability: The project embraced sustainable practices, minimizing environmental impact during construction and ensuring the longevity of the new tarmac surface.

The transformation began with meticulous planning and consultation with BMX enthusiasts and local authorities. The construction process included extensive site preparation with a thorough assessment of the existing track to facilitate a smooth transition to the new tarmac surface.
Employing cutting-edge techniques, Clark & Kent Contractors applied a high-quality tarmac surface to the entire track, providing a seamless and durable riding experience. Rigorous quality control measures were implemented throughout construction to ensure the final product met industry standards and exceeded expectations.

The completion of the Windmill Street BMX Pump Track showcases the following outcomes:

Enhanced Riding:The all-tarmac surface provides riders with a smoother and more predictable surface, enhancing control and allowing for a more enjoyable riding experience.
Community Integration: The project's collaborative approach fostered a sense of community ownership, with local riders actively participating in the project's development.
Sustainability: By selecting a high-quality tarmac surface, the track is now more resistant to weathering and wear, contributing to its long-term sustainability.

The transformation of the Windmill Street BMX Pump Track in Macclesfield, Cheshire, is a testament to Clark & Kent Contractors' commitment to innovation, community engagement, and quality construction. The upgraded facility pays homage to the original groundbreaking design and sets a new standard for BMX tracks in the UK. As a result, Macclesfield residents and BMX enthusiasts alike can enjoy a state-of-the-art facility that reflects the evolving landscape of extreme sports.

Location: Macclesfield Pump Track, Windmill St, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK11 7HS

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