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Forsbrook Pump Track, Staffordshire

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Forsbrook Pump Track & Footpath

Pump Track Project Overview

Clark and Kent Contractors designed and constructed a cutting-edge tarmac pump track, complemented by developing a strategically planned footpath to facilitate better pedestrian and cyclist connectivity.
The project's primary goal was to enhance recreational opportunities and improve connectivity within the Forsbrook community.
The project faced challenges in seamlessly integrating the pump track and footpath designs and addressing geographical hurdles presented by the construction site.


A holistic approach was adopted to ensure the smooth integration of the pump track and footpath designs. Advanced engineering techniques were employed to adapt to the natural landscape and overcome geographical challenges.
To promote community engagement, Clark and Kent Contractors organized community meetings to gather input on design preferences--the active involvement of residents aimed to foster a sense of ownership and inclusivity.
The project prioritized environmental sustainability by implementing eco-friendly materials and sustainable construction practices for the pump track and footpath.
The result of the project is a vibrant recreational space that caters to cyclists of all skill levels alongside an improved pedestrian and cyclist connectivity network within the Forsbrook community.


Clark and Kent Contractors' innovative solutions, coupled with a community-focused approach, have successfully completed the Forsbrook tarmac pump track and footpath project. This achievement is a testament to their commitment to enhancing the quality of life in the community through thoughtful design and construction.
Forsbrook is a village in Staffordshire, around three miles southwest of Cheadle on the edge of the Staffordshire Moorlands. As part of a scheme to improve the recreation ground at Jubilee Gardens in Forsbtook, Staffordshire Moorlands District Council allocated £133,000 to create a 400m perimeter pathway for exercise, install a range of outdoor gym equipment and upgrade the BMX pump track at the site.

Location: Forsbrook Pump Track, Jubilee Gardens, Forsbrook, Blythe Bridge, ST11 9BY

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