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Findern Pump Track, Derbyshire

Findern pump track is located on King George V playing field in the village of Findern in Derbyshire. Findern Parish Council secured a budget for the works and reached out to Clark and Kent Contractors to tender for the works.

Having undertaken multiple projects for local manufacturing giant JCB the parish Council were assured that they were in safe hands for the project, following a glowing reference from Lord Bamford himself.

Construction work was carried out in summer 2020, working to an approved design which Clark and Kent had assisted the client with for planning purposes. The design and layout were created with the user group and the client's wishes to give a great entry-level facility.

It gives all users an inclusive and progressive place to build their confidence and BMX bike skills in a safe environment. The Findern pump track is regularly enjoyed by BMX World Champion Kelvin Batey and his family.

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findern pump track bend
findern pump track side view
findern pump track rollers
findern pump track view
findern pump track riders

When searching for a contractor to design and install a pump track for our village, the Parish Council were pleased to find Clark and Kent Contractors, who built the BMX track for the London Olympics in 2012. Their initial design and proposal was comprehensive and gave the Council a clear idea of what the finished track would look like. Communication throughout was excellent; and during installation of the track, the team were very professional and conscientious. Their build was excellent, efficiently done in less time than expected, and with everything kept tidy and safe at the end of each day. They also provided a full risk assessment for the build. The Council has no hesitation in recommending them to others.
We are very proud of the pump track. As a project, it has been a great addition to the village and has been well received by local residents. It has also attracted visitors from neighbouring villages; also those who have come from clubs around Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire to try it out; these riders have given it a big thumbs up! A testament to a great track!

K Sharpe, Clerk to Findern Parish Council

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