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Blythe Valley Pump Track, Solihull

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Blythe Valley pump tack rebuild

Clark and Kent Contractors, known for their global expertise in constructing innovative pump tracks, undertook the ambitious project to reconstruct the Blythe Valley Pump Track, Solihull, in the West Midlands. This case study explores the objectives, challenges, creative solutions, and the positive impact of the redesigned pump track on the local community.
The Blythe Valley community sought to modernise and improve their existing pump track, transforming it into a state-of-the-art facility to cater to BMX and bike riders of all skill levels. The goal was to create an engaging and dynamic pump track to attract local riders and serve as a focal point for recreational activities.

Pump track project objectives

The aim was to upgrade the existing pump track to incorporate modern features and new layouts that challenge and excite riders. A top priority was implementing safety measures that minimise the risk of accidents and injuries during rides without compromising excitement and offering a challenging pump track layout.
We aimed to use eco-friendly materials and construction practices to align with environmental considerations. We sought to involve the local community and other interested parties throughout reconstruction to ensure the pump track fully met user preferences and community expectations.

Construction challenges

The existing pump track site had limited space, necessitating a thoughtful design to maximise pump track features within the available area. The project also needed to be economically viable, adhering to tight budget constraints while meeting the high standards expected for modern pump track design. Minimising disruption for the local riding community during track construction was crucial.

Innovative solutions

Clark and Kent Contractors drew up a cutting-edge pump track design that used the available space while offering diverse features suitable for BMX riders of all skill levels. The enhanced track layout, advanced track materials and protective barriers reduced the risk of accidents. Environmentally friendly materials and construction practices, such as using recycled tarmac and implementing water management systems, contributed to the pump track's sustainability. The pump track building was executed in phases, allowing certain sections of the track to remain open during construction, helping to minimise disruption.

Pump track construction

The pump track was meticulously constructed, with great attention to detail, including measurements and angles, to ensure it meets modern track standards. Regular workshops were held with local riders to gather feedback and ensure the pump track design aligned with the preferences and needs of all users. The construction was efficiently managed, ensuring the track was completed within the agreed timeline.

Community Impact

The reconstructed Blythe Valley pump tack has seen increased participation from local riders and has become a popular destination for enthusiasts in the region. It has become a central recreational hub, fostering community engagement and promoting an active lifestyle. The improved pump track attracts visitors, providing economic benefits to local businesses.
The Blythe Valley Pump Track rebuild by Clark and Kent Contractors shows how the company can successfully transform a recreational facility to meet modern standards while preserving its community appeal. The redesigned pump track has become exciting, drawing riders of all skill levels and contributing positively to the local community's recreational landscape.

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