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Saxmundham Skatepark, Suffolk

Clark & Kent Contractors were selected to build the skatepark at Saxmundham for Freestyle Skateparks on a sub-contract basis. Clark & Kent were selected due to their attention to detail, experience in concrete finishing and exemplary track record in working for local authorities and councils. All construction work was done in house, with Freestyle developing the overall design.

Clark & Kent and the client worked dynamically to update and micro design elements of the skatepark to improve safety and flow. Saxmundham Town Council was thrilled with the final skatepark finish and have since recommended us for other local projects in the skatepark sector.

The Saxmundham skatepark construction process was typical in scope, but extra ground protection matting was laid across the football pitch in the public open space playing field. Construction works were complete on time and budget, and the finished product surpassed the expectations of the user groups and the ROSPA inspectors.

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