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Newhaven Skatepark, East Sussex


In 2019 C&K Won the tender to design and construct the Newhaven Skatepark. The scope of the works and the tender brief was to consult with residents, community groups and the user groups and draw up a full design package to exact site requirements taking into consideration several adverse conditions.

Further consultation was needed to develop the final design and produce 3D designs of the skatepark project for full approval. The contract covered the construction stage to handover, a 12-months defects and maintenance package and a 10-year guarantee. It also included an opening event and promotional services.

The Newhaven skatepark was constructed over eight weeks. Our design team worked closely with the user groups, developing their ideas to cater for skaters, BMX riders and scooter users alike. Construction involved working with existing skatepark features. The primary stages of construction included the sympathetic removal of unsafe and unsightly ramps and other skatepark equipment. These ramps had a modest refurbishment, and we gifted them to another nearby community project free of charge. We felt strongly about repurposing the equipment, which still had much play value, once repaired and properly installed.

Building work at the Newhaven site involved wood formwork and shuttering, bespoke steelwork and fabrication, measuring and marking out and importing new materials. There was also the shaping and compaction of material and sub-base, concrete surfacing and shaping, Tarmac surfacing and line marking. The project also included a turfing scheme and the installation of signage. We also arranged an opening day event as part of the scheme.

Following the success of the Newhaven project, we have been engaged in further contracts with the client. Please see the written testimonial and don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

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