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Pye's Field Pump Track Chesterton

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Pye's Field pump track construction

The pump track at Chesterton Recreation Ground is one of three tracks built in the area by Clark & Kent Contractors. This pump track, located on Pye's Field, to the north of Cambridge city centre, is just a few miles from a pump track we built at nearby Brown's Field Community Centre.

The pump track construction on Pye's Field formed part of a tender in early 2019 to supply Cambridge with another multi-wheeled facility for Trumpington to the south of the city of Cambridge. Covid 19 restrictions forced a delay in the start of the Pye's Field track. The plan was to incorporate an existing quarter-pipe skate ramp into the new pump track in a bid to revitalise the area for the benefit of the local community.

We began building, refurbishing and landscaping soon after the construction of a new pavilion on the site. To bring the existing skate ramp up to modern standards, we carried out several localised repairs, landscaping the backs and sides with topsoil and seeding with grasses for an organic and aesthetic finish.

The Pye's Field pump track works included initial groundworks to prepare the footprint, levelling and compacting of materials before laying sub soils, membrane, stone and an all-weather tarmac riding surface. Initial groundwork to final landscaping and seeding took just under four weeks,

The Pye pump track has been well received by the local community. It attracts visitors from the surrounding areas, bringing revenue to the local business owners and proving a valuable asset to everyone. The Pye's Field recreation ground at Chesterton now has two sports pitches, a pump track, a skate ramp and free table tennis, and a playground for younger children. A local developer funded the new pavilion to boost recreational activities at the site.

Location: Pye's Field Pump Track, Church Street, Chesterton, Cambridge CB4 1ED

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