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Tamworth Pump Track Staffordshire

mile oak bmx pump track long view

Mile Oak Pump Track

The Tamworth pump track in Staffordshire is a four-rider BMX track and somewhat of a scaled-down version of a full-size BMX track. The Tamworth track incorporates four straights and three 180 degree bends. The track is around 300 metres in length, and it features a range of jumps and obstacles that progressively test the riders' ability.

The Tamworth track at Mile Oak is very popular and gets a lot of attention and many riders. The track is located next door to a high school, and it's a popular choice for local youngsters. The local council has welcomed the track launch with open arms and has plans to develop BMX tracks at other areas within the Borough of Tamworth to replicate the success.

Lichfield District Council led the bid to raise funds for the project, supported by Fazeley Town Council, Staffordshire Young People's Service, Lichfield and District Community & Voluntary Services, Mazeley Youth Club, Tamworth BMX Club and young people from Fazeley and the Mile Oak area.

Comments from supporters have been very favourable, including this from BMX Talk: "The boys Clark and Kent have done it again, this time over in Tamworth. The space has been used to perfection, and the set-up looks both challenging and fun. Believe us when we say we have experienced various new 'pump tracks', and most wouldn't be worth getting out of bed for, let alone a full session. Get down to this for some skills training asap."

The Tamworth Pump Track has proved very popular since its completion by Clark & Kent Contractors in March 2012. The facility was paid for with a £21,615 grant awarded by Veolia Environmental Trust through the Landfill Communities Fund.

Location: Mile Oak Pump Track, Mile Oak, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B78 3NH

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