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Chesterton Pump Track, Cambridgeshire

cambridge mini wheel track layout

Chesterton pump track construction

Clark & Kent Contractors supplied and installed a multi-wheel multi-weather learn-to-ride pump track for beginners and micro-scooter users for Cambridge City Council at Chesterton.

Clark & Kent came up with an innovative bespoke design that best uses the existing natural landscape. The Chesterton pump track follows the meandering undulating nature of the site to give it an almost organic appearance. It also offers users the biggest circuit possible while meeting constraints imposed by the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

Due to the nature of the site and limited access, considerable attention was paid to the safety requirements of the location and all relevant health and safety procedures and CDM regulations were followed.

The Chesterton pump track features an entire asphalt riding surface that enables all types of users to enjoy the facility, including micro-scooters, rollerblades, skateboards, BMX bikes and mountain trail bikes.

A series of berms and various rollers and obstacles make this a compact, unique layout with the scope to make continuous laps of the track. Clark & Kent also installed a comprehensive soak-away drainage system. The track is positioned on the grounds of the Brown's Field Youth & Community Centre and gives parents and children a chance to enjoy BMX biking.

Location: Chesterton Pump Track, Green End Rd, Chesterton, Cambridge, CB4 1RU

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Check out our video of the Chesterton pump track in action.

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