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World Cycling Centre BMX Tracks Switzerland

The World Cycling Centre, at Aigle, is the headquarters of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the worldwide governing body for cycling that develops and oversees cycling around the world. Clark & Kent worked alongside the design team to construct the BMX track and Pump Track to the exacting standards required by this prestigious organisation.

The UCI World Cycling Centre (WCC) is an elite venue that welcomes athletes from all over the world, offering training and development in the three Olympic disciplines (road, track and BMX). The scope of BMX track building works included:

Placement, compaction and remodelling of 10,000 cubic metres of material.
Excavation and installation of ducting to service the track.
Installation of starting gate system
Sub-base and finished unbound surfacing
Asphalt surfacing
Bespoke landscaping
A floodlighting scheme and perimeter fencing

As a training base for world-class athletes, the BMX track is now recognised as one of the premier BMX facilities in the world. The construction period was nine weeks, and the facility is proving to be one of the best-equipped BMX training centres in Europe.

Clark & Kent was also commissioned to build a new BMX Pump Track adjacent to the SX track, running concurrently with the supercross track contract. The new pump track was built to the same standards as the main track and designed to challenge and advance the skills of all levels of riders, from children through to Olympic-standard athletes. The construction time was two weeks, including earthworks, sub-base surfacing, unbound surfacing, asphalt surfacing, landscaping, drainage and remediation work.

"All stakeholders have been very impressed with the craft and attention to detail employed by Clark & Kent" – Paul-Henri Rey (Manager – World Cycling Centre)

The international standard 400-metre BMX Supercross track has two start ramps of eight and five metres height as well as a training level pump track. The centre also boasts a 200-metre wooden indoor track, a 250-metre synthetic athletics track, a gymnastics and trampoline hall, a multi-purpose infield area, and a 500-metre running track.

As a conference centre, the WCC facility also has a 120-seat restaurant, conference rooms and classrooms. Although it mainly concentrates on elite training, the WCC also makes its facilities available to local sports enthusiasts and the general public. Introductory sessions are open to everyone and young BMX riders can experience the thrill of riding championship circuits in the velodrome and on the BMX track.

Client: World Cycling Centre & UCI

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wcc aigle sx bmx track layout
wcc aigle sx bmx track end view
wcc aigle sx bmx track side view
wcc aigle sx bmx track berms

Clark & Kent Contractors were selected to design and build the Olympic standard BMX Supercross (SX) Track and Pump Track at the World Cycling Centre, Aigle, Switzerland, home of the UCI.

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