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Welcome to Clark & Kent's specialist BMX track building and bike talk pages. Clark & Kent design, build and maintain all types of BMX track — from local village Pump Tracks to world class BMX track racing circuits.

Building a BMX or Pump track requires skill and experience and that is something that C&K Consultants have in plenty with more than 20 years experience in BMX track design and construction.

A well-built BMX or Pump Track is a community facility that will encourage young and old to enjoy the fast, exciting and growing sport of BMX bike racing.

As BMX bike enthusiasts ourselves we have put together a few articles to celebrate the sport of BMK bike racing and to encourage people to take up the sport of BMX biking. Click on an article to read more.

pump track bmx biker boy
Get on track with BMX bike skills

You don't actually need a BMX track to start building up your skills and technique as a BMX biker. Having access to a BMX track helps, especially one designed and constructed by BMX track builders Clark & Kent.MORE

bmx rider union flag gb
Racers rise through the ranks

BMX racing started life in Los Angeles in the USA as an alternative to motocross racing and quickly became a popular worldwide sport enjoyed by thousands.MORE

BMX track layout design
How to build a BMX track

Building a BMX track for racing or for fun requires careful thought about the design, preparation, construction and maintenance. Clark & Kent have built every type of BMX track imaginableMORE

bmx bike track male rider
BMX tracks are good for you

According to research, one of the most pressing gripes from young people today is the lack of decent recreational facilities available in their local communities. Building a new BMX track can help.MORE

bmx start gate
Start well to finish well

Once BMX riders graduate from the novice stage, they are usually keen to start competitive BMX racing when they can test their abilities to the full. The first step is a good getaway at the start gate.MORE

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