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Nottingham Outlaws BMX Track

Nottingham Outlaws BMX is one of the UK's oldest and largest BMX clubs in the country. Clark & Kent has extensive knowledge and experience in BMX track design and building and an excellent health and safety record.

A full drainage scheme was included, along with new tarmac surface berms and a specialist track surfacing of limestone and topsoil. The club also commissioned a 900 square metre car park that requires substantial earthworks, excavations, sub-base surfacing and machine-laid tarmac surfacing.

The BMX bike club has steadily grown since the new track was built, achieving Sport England Clubmark status. Bulwell, the BMX course in Sellers Wood Drive, was first built in 1987 but underwent a major makeover after falling into disrepair.

Nottingham BMX club and charity Youth Projects 4Wheels raised the cash to complete the track rebuild, and details are outlined in this BBC news story. Nottingham Outlaws rider Braden Bradford said of the new BMX facility: "The track now has a greater range of challenges, and the new start gate is just incredible. The pump track is great fun too. There's something here for everyone."

Please see Bulwell Pump Track and also references from the client.

Client: Nottingham Outlaws BMX Club

Location: Nottingham Outlaws BMX, Pottery Way, Bulwell, Nottingham NG6 8YN

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bulwell outlaws bmx track sign
bulwell outlaws bmx track build

The Bulwell-based club, Nottingham Outlaws, chose Clark & Kent to reconstruct their national standard BMX track and to develop a new pump track and car park areas on the BMX site. Clark & Kent completed the relevant groundworks to support the BMX track project and supplied and installed a new starting hill with a Bensink Gate.

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