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Shanaze Reade BMX Track, Crewe

Cheshire is home to the national standard BMX Track, named after Crewe's Olympic star BMX Racer, Shanaze Reade and Clark & Kent Contractors carried out a complete rebuild.


The Shanaze Reade BMX track is widely used as a UK elitist facility and creates a new benchmark in BMX track building. Remodelling the track involved moving the start hill to the opposite end of the course and creating a pro-jump on the second straight while the third and fourth straights were reshaped to give BMX riders multiple options.

The BMX track is home to Cheshire Ghost Riders BMX Club, which offers training for all skill levels from BMX beginners to elite level athletes. The club meets three times a week to train and race. For more information on facilities and events, view The Cheshire Ghost Riders on Facebook.

Cheshire-born Shanaze Danielle Reade is a professional BMX racer and track cyclist and a triple world champion who has won the hearts of the UK BMX scene with her natural talent. The course was renamed the "Shanaze Reade Track" this is her local track where she first started her illustrious BMX biking career. Shanaze recently rejoined the Great Britain BMX squad after a period in the United States. The move will put her in the frame to compete in BMX race events for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The build time for the BMX project, on behalf of Cheshire East Council, was five weeks. Clark & Kent replaced the starting gate and installed a Bensink safety barrel system. The track was used by several riders and countries before the World Championships in Birmingham and as a training facility in the run-up to London 2012 Olympic Games. Cheshire Ghost Riders recently hosted the North Region BMX Championships in Crewe.

Client: Cheshire East Council

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