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Royston Rockets BMX Track Hertfordshire

The whole BMX track was constructed by Clark & Kent with rider safety in mind, and the results have surpassed the client's expectations. Royston Rockets' criteria in selecting a contractor for the works were to choose a firm with expertise in the field, a specialist skillset to include asphalt surfacing, and finally, introduce an exceptional landscaping scheme.

Concrete works on the start hill included shuttering, pouring, and building retaining walls to bring the start hill in line with modern specifications. The results enabled BMX riders to have the opportunity to practise their starting gate techniques.

To say that the client is happy is an understatement, and since completion, participation numbers at the BMX track site have rocketed. The Royston BMX Club has been running for more than 40 years and attracts riders across the region. Rides participate in race meetings at club, regional, national and international levels.

Royston Rockets is part of British Cycling's club development programme, Go-Ride, aimed at improving the sport and increasing access to coaching. Club coaches are experienced BMX racers themselves and include national and championship winners. The race track is built on land owned by the North Herts District Council and is open to the public when the club is not using it.

Location: Royston Rockets, Coombes Community Centre, Burns Road, Royston, Hertfordshire SG8 5PT.

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Royston Rockets BMX Club appointed Clark & Kent to carry out a full rebuild of their regional BMX track to bring it to a modern national standard. The track had a total overhaul that included an entirely new layout and footprint. The project included introducing asphalt corners to national specification, the construction of limestone straights and an extensive landscaping scheme.

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