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Perry Park BMX Track, Birmingham

As a BMX bike track facility, Perry Park BMX track is unrivalled in the UK. The design includes a start canopy, a five-metre UCI-approved World Championship level start hill and large spectator areas. It also incorporates valuable rest areas on the track, a pro-straight, a Bensink start gate, and even a tunnel for spectator access under the start hill.

The whole project had a build time of three months for Thomas Vale Construction on behalf of Birmingham City Council. With Sport England and Birmingham City Council funding, the BMX track has become one of the top BMX venues in the UK and Europe. The track was used extensively as a training facility in the run-up to the World Championships 2012 in Birmingham and several countries during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Perry Park track is home to the Birmingham BMX Club, which is now the largest in the UK and gained more than 400 members in just one year after opening, following the rebuild by Clark & Kent. The club has hosted many events, from club racing and regional racing to national events and even the British BMX Championships. European BMX Bike Champion Joris Daudet used the track in action at the European Championships.

Client Comment

Birmingham City Council now has a sporting venue in Perry Park, where the BMX track is located, to rival any major venue worldwide involved in the running of International BMX fixtures but at the same time can be utilised by the local community and BMX projects throughout the region. Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending Clark & Kent Contractors to design and build BMX facilities suitable for all levels of the sport.

Location: Perry Park BMX, Aldridge Rd, Birmingham B42 2EY

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perry park bmx track layout

Perry Park BMX track is a design from Clark & Kent that raised the level of the UK BMX track building to make this one of the top BMX racetracks in Europe. Clark & Kent Contractors was chosen to complete the ambitious project, and Perry Park was used for the European Championship BMX rounds in 2011 with great success.

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