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Olympic Legacy BMX Track, London

Clark & Kent Contractors undertook a massive contract under the supervision of civil engineering firm Bam Nutall at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on the biggest construction site ever seen in the UK.

london 2012 olympic bmx track building rollers
london 2012 olympic bmx track building  long view
london 2012 olympic bmx track end view
london 2012 olympic bmx track berm corner

Although it was a heart-wrenching experience for Clark & Kent to dismantle possibly the greatest BMX track the world has ever seen, it was fantastic to be able to rebuild the track so that the public could enjoy it to the full. A 14-week project saw Clark & Kent Contractors undertake a list of specialist construction activities that included:

The removal of concrete fixtures & fittings.
Replacement of hard and soft landscaped areas.
Remodelling of 50,000 cubic metres of base material.
A comprehensive drainage scheme.
The excavation and installation of ducting to service the track.
The supply and installation of starting gate system.
Sub-base and finished unbound surfacing.
Asphalt surfacing.
A bespoke landscaping and planting scheme.

These elements tied in with all the supporting infrastructure supplied by other contractors that have created a unique facility that has proved a great success for London and the UK. It was a pleasure for Clark & Kent to have the opportunity to install such a facility in such a fantastic setting in the knowledge that it carries with it the Olympic 2012 legacy.

Client: Bam Nuttall

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