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Hereford BMX Track overview
Hereford BMX Track end view
Hereford BMX Track side view

The BMX racetrack at Hereford is built to a very high standard by Clark & Kent Contractors and is the first track in the UK to feature a Bensink start gate, similar to the one used at the 2012 London Olympics.

The Hereford BMX Track located on Westfaling Street playing fields in the town features tarmacadam turns, a stone sub-base and a dolomite surface.

The track is 300 metres in length and the width varies from five to 10 metres. The BMX track features a tarmacadam finish strip and a multi-option straight that can test the skills of BMX riders to the limit.

The Hereford BMX track is used and maintained by Hereford Dirt Riders BMX club and the race track is perfect for all levels of riders from beginners to the most experienced. You can visit their Facebook page for details of upcoming BMX events.

Visitors say the Hereford BMX track has a great family vibe and the facility is frequented by BMX bikers from all over the country.

The project was funded by Herefordshire Council and the National Lottery. Work on the BMX track building was completed in three weeks, and all parties were very pleased with the results.

Clark & Kent Contractors received many compliments on the speed and standard of construction.

A typical comment is this post on the BMX Talk forum: "Those guys know what's up when it comes to building tracks of any size They work tirelessly and can gladly show you how to ride it too, so you know it all rolls well and everything works!"

Client: Herefordshire Council.

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