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Track Design

Clark and Kent Design team are professionally qualified BMX, pump track and skatepark designers with over 50 year collective experience of making traditional, modern and bespoke designs that are constructed in an environmentally conscious way with an organic look and feel. For example we will show you the different stages of the design work we did for Newhaven, This was an exciting project were we designed and constructed both the pump track and skatepark showing you the ideas from the initial sketch right the way through to the finished article.

Clark and Kent as principal designers, will ensure that health and safety risks are removed or mitigated for the construction phase and beyond and all design works are subject to approval by varied statutory bodies, including the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

Newhaven BMX Pump Track   Initial Drawing

The Idea

So for Pump Tracks this is where it all starts a simple sketch to get the imagination going in the right direction, after consultations with the client and user group we would then take this the concept design stage.

Skateparks are a little different we start these with lots of man hours from experienced people asking the right questions and understanding the different way in which people communicate to create our concept design ideas.

Newhaven skatepark concept design

Concept Design

The art of skatepark design is to balance the amount of features with the shape of the site.

The need for exciting lines that will fit comfortably within the surroundings is very important to create a safe and stimulating skatepark. Our community consultant and architectural design team are all experienced skaters, BMXers and scooter riders and have in-depth and practical knowledge of what is needed to turn the initial ideas into a truly unique and professionally designed skatepark.

Newhaven BMX Pump Track   Technical Drawing

Pump Track Final Designs

After the design consultations and user group input we go to the 3D render design stage. At this stage you can really see what the finished project will look like after construction and we start to put the final pieces of the puzzle together for the construction stages.

Then we can do the thing we love the most... creating places to ride and skate.

Newhaven skatepark birds eye view

The Product

So this is where we hand over the fully ROSPA certificated completed facility. This will be done on time and under budget and we take pride in exceeding the expectations of our clients and delivering on all our promises.

We are very proud of every designed and built Skatepark, Pump Track, Regional, National, and International BMX Supercross Track that we have built in a variety of country's all over the world in the last 12 years of business.

BMX track at the London Olympics at sunset

Proven Credentials in Consultancy 

Consultation services:

  • Online meetings
  • Site visits
  • Assisted construction & shaping services available
  • Design reviews
  • Site logistical reports
  • Ground surveys
  • Feasibility studies

We can help with every aspect of Bmx Track, Pump Track, Skatepark or Mtb Bike Trail construction and have unrivalled experience in these areas

All associated costs are subject to project size, scale and location so please contact us for assistance with site specific information.

pump track design layout
bmx track design model
bmx track design drawing
bmx pump track drawing
bmx track drawing
bmx track design 3d model
bmx track design model
bmx track design jumps layout
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