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Hilltop Ranch BMX SX Track Texas USA

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Texas Hilltop Ranch SX Track overview
Texas Hilltop Ranch SX track build
Texas Hilltop Ranch SX track berms

A Texas-based private client competing at BMX events in the USA at a professional level approached Clark & Kent Contractors 2013 to design and build an international standard BMX Supercross track.

The aim was to construct an SX track to extremely challenging levels to bring enhance riders' skill sets and forward their careers in the sport.

Hilltop Ranch is a full-spectrum training facility for BMX racers located in Willis, Texas about 45 minutes from Houston Airport.

The Ranch has a BMX USA-style race track with a four-man gate, an 8-metre starting hill and a coaching tower.

The track has proved to be a great success in growing the BMX sport in the area and in challenging the and skill set of the participating BMX riders.

After completion by Clark & Kent, the client began trading privately as Hilltop Ranch SX and invited BMX riders to put the facility through its paces.

BMX supercrosss training track

Hilltop Ranch is now a top-level training facility for BMX bike racers and has the BMX Supercross track with its 8-metre starting ramp, a US-style BMX track with a four-man gate and a set of motocross dirt trails.

Always being refined and reshaped, the BMX tracks are aimed at meeting the demands of tomorrow's BMX racetrack stars.

The track often incorporates new features to keep pace with the global BMX SX demands.

Hilltop Ranch trainers say there are there to build champions and to provide a world-standard track to train on all year-round.

The Ranch hosts regular training and coaching sessions, as well as running a number of dirt jump events each year.

SX track raises BMX skills

It is not only elite riders that train at Hilltop; the course also attracts youngsters. The Ranch claims to raise BMX skills to international and World Cup race level.

Owners claim it is the perfect setting for BMX racing teams to rent out with full facilities including the bMX Supercross track, the BMX track, trails and the on-site Ranch House.

A YouTube video shows BMX riders Hunter Pelham, Nick Fox, Damien Lacombe, and Cody Machala tackling the Hilltop Ranch SX BMX track.

Client: Hunter Pelham's Hilltop Ranch

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