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Sviland BMX SX Track Norway

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Sviland SX Track rollers
Sviland SX Track groundworks
Sviland SX Track layout

BMX track building in Norway was a first for Clark & Kent Contractors, whose team worked alongside Sviland BMX Clubs elite riders to design a new BMX track specification.

Clark & Kent collaborated on this prestigious BMX track building and completed the scheduled works to construct a BMX Supercross track up to Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Combination BMX track standards.

The BMX track design incorporates 5-metre and 8-metre start hills, seven straights and block-paved corners.

The Clark & Kent BMX track building team had a two-week stint in Norway, completing the track up to ensure it met the highest standards.

Sviland BMX Club and Norway BMX were extremely pleased with the project's outcome, which gave Norway a first-class BMX track facility of world quality.

The project was completed in Spring 2013, and the BMX track was fully operational by the summer of the same year.

Sviland track a major BMX venue for Norway

Sviland BMX club was founded in 1986, and the original BMX track was completed in 1987, built by volunteers. A year after it was finished, the club organised its first Norway Cup competition.

Since Clark & Kent constructed the new Supercross BMX track, it has become the venue for major BMX events in Norway, including the first Supercross rounds on Norwegian soil, a three-day event that attracted several thousand spectators.

The club has grown steadily over the years, and team riders have achieved top places in BMX events, including several Norwegian Championships and Nordic Championships.

This Youtube video shows the impressive BMX Superiors track in action.

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