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London 2012 Olympic track spectators

In the summer of 2011 Clark & Kent Contractors was contacted in advance of the Games for a pre-Olympic test event arranged by London Prepares 2011.MORE


Following on from their success at building the BMX track for the BMX World Championships 2012 in Birmingham UK, Clark & Kent Contractors were invited by Bike New Zealand to repeat the success overseas.MORE

Birmingham SX Track side view

Clark & Kent Contractors joined the design team that was brought together to build the venue for the 2012 BMX World Championships hosted in Birmingham at the National Indoor Arena.MORE

Texas Hilltop Ranch SX Track overview

A Texas-based private client competing at BMX events in the USA at a professional level approached Clark & Kent Contractors 2013 to design and build an international standard BMX Supercross track.MORE

Manchester SX Track overview

Clark & Kent Contractors were approached by the National Cycling Centre and British Cycling (BC) shortly after the new Indoor BMX Centre opened.MORE

Paris BMX SX Track building

BMX track building in Paris France. In 2014 Clark & Kent Contractors tendered for the project of rebuilding the Supercross (SX) track at the Saint-Quentin en Yvelines velodrome in Paris.MORE

Rock Hill SX Track overview

When Rock Hill BMX Supercross (SX) track in South Carolina, USA, was chosen as the venue for 2017 World Championships the city called in Clark & Kent Contractors to carry out essential improvement works to the existing track.MORE

Sviland SX Track rollers

BMX track building in Norway was a first for Clark & Kent Contractors whose team worked alongside Sviland BMX Clubs elite riders to design the specification for a new BMX track.MORE

WCC Combo SX Track end view

Having worked alongside the UCI previously Clark & Kent Contractors were selected to tender for the design and build of the new Olympic standard BMX Supercross (SX) track and Pump Track at the World Cycling Centre, Aigle, home of the UCI.MORE

World Cycling Centre building

Clark & Kent Contractors were approached by the Centre Mondial de Cyclisme (CMC) to carry out changes to the existing BMX Supercross (SX) track at the World Cycling Centre at Aigle in Switzerland.MORE