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Bournemouth  BMX track finishing
Bournemouth  BMX track digging
Bournemouth  BMX groundworks
Bournemouth  BMX track surface
Bournemouth BMX Track berm

Clark & Kent Contractors were selected by Bournemouth BMX Club to redesign and rebuild the existing second corner at their regional BMX racetrack in Dorset.

Works on the BMX track included the removal of organic material, re-compacting and reshaping the existing substructure as well as the application of stone sub base and finishing off with specialist surfacing and a landscape scheme.

Bournemouth BMX track has a limestone surface and previously had two concrete berms. It has a combination of easier jumps for BMX novices to ride and two sets of large doubles for the more experienced riders.

It was originally built in the 1980s and has had several changes over the last few years in order to bring it in line with current regulations.

The track is nowadays often used for regional BMX racing although it has previously hosted National BMX rounds and British Championship events.

The changes made by Clark & Kent bought that area of the track back in line with National track specifications and gave a good base for the BMX Club to further enhance their facility and possibly make other track changes in the future.

Bournemouth BMX club is the resident club at the track which, when not being used by the organisation, is open for public use.

The club was very pleased with the finished results and improvements carried out by Clark & Kent Contractors.

"Clark & Kent have done a fantastic job of remodelling and resurfacing our second corner" Andy Pope, Bournemouth BMX Club Chairman.

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