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Kings Cliffe, Peterborough


Kings Cliffe Active Pump Track

Clark and Kent Contractors were entrusted with the task of designing and constructing the Kings Cliffe Active Pump Track, a state-of-the-art outdoor recreational facility. The project aimed to provide the local community with an engaging and active space for people of all ages to enjoy cycling, skating, and other wheeled sports. The challenge was to create a visually appealing, functional, and safe pump track that blended seamlessly with its natural surroundings.

Project Objectives

1. **Safety:** Ensure the pump track design complies with all safety standards and guidelines to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.

2. **Community Engagement:** Create a space that encourages the local community to participate in active sports and outdoor activities.

3. **Aesthetic Integration:** Design the pump track to harmonize with the natural environment and the surrounding landscape.

4. **Versatility:** Construct a facility suitable for a wide range of wheeled sports, including BMX, skateboarding, scootering, and rollerblading.

5. **Sustainability:** Utilize eco-friendly construction materials and practices where possible to minimize environmental impact.

Design and Construction Process

**1. Site Assessment:** The project began with a comprehensive site assessment to understand the topography, soil composition, and environmental considerations. This information guided the design process.

**2. Conceptualization:** The design team at Clark and Kent Contractors worked closely with landscape architects and local authorities to develop a concept that combined natural aesthetics with functional elements. The pump track was envisioned as an organic extension of the landscape.

**3. Safety Compliance:** Stringent safety standards were adhered to during the design and construction phases. Proper grading, drainage, and surfacing materials were selected to ensure user safety.

**4. Materials Selection:** Sustainable materials were used whenever possible. The track's surface was made from an all weather grade tarmac to provide excellent grip and durability. Additionally, the project incorporated local materials for all structures and surfacing.

**5. Construction:** Skilled construction teams executed the plan, carefully sculpting the pump track to create an engaging and challenging course. The project was completed on schedule in August 2023.

Features of the Kings Cliffe Active Pump Track

1. **Variety of Tracks:** The pump track offers multiple optionscatering to different skill levels, ensuring that both beginners and experienced riders can enjoy the facility.

2. **Landscaping:** Native vegetation was preserved and location was key integrating the track design into the area allowing the facility to blend seamlessly with its natural surroundings.

3. **Seating and Shading:**Working the design around the existing youth shelters meant that shaded areas were strategically placed around the pump track, creating a comfortable space for spectators and visitors.

4. **Safety Measures:** Rospa post installation certificate of the track and clear signage and guidelines promote safe usage of the facility.

5. **Community Engagement:** Regular events and workshops are organized to encourage community engagement and participation in wheeled sports.


The Kings Cliffe Active Pump Track, a project by Clark and Kent Contractors, stands as a testament to successful collaboration between design, construction, and environmental sustainability. This innovative recreational facility not only provides a safe and enjoyable space for the local community but also harmonizes beautifully with the natural landscape.

Through meticulous planning, sustainable practices, and a commitment to safety, Clark and Kent Contractors have delivered a facility that will be cherished by the Kings Cliffe community for generations to come.

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