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Cambridge Mini Wheel Track

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Cambridge Mini Wheel Track layout
Cambridge Mini Wheel track digging
Cambridge Mini Wheel track groundworks

Cambridge City Council approached Clark & Kent Contractors along with other companies to tender for a new outdoor public facility.

Their design brief was to design, supply and install a multi-wheel multi-weather pump track primarily aimed at BMX biking beginners and micro-scooter users.

Clark & Kent came up with an innovative bespoke design which made the best use of the existing natural landscape.

The track follows the meandering undulating nature of the site to give it an almost organic appearance. It also offers users the biggest circuit possible while meeting the demands and constraints imposed by the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

The client and user group decided to adopt the tendering design submitted by Clark & Kent, and we were chosen to implement this exciting and unique project.

Due to the nature of the site and limited access, considerable attention was paid to the safety requirements of the location and all relevant health and safety procedures and CDM regulations were followed.

Regular visits and inspections by the client ensured that all stakeholders were happy with the progress of the works.

The track featured an entire tarmac riding surface that enables all types of users to enjoy the facility, including users of micro-scooters, rollerblades, skateboards, BMX bikes and mountain trail bikes.

A series of berms and variety of rollers and obstacles make this a compact, unique layout with scope to make continuous laps of the track if users desire.

Also, Clark & Kent Contractors installed a comprehensive soakaway drainage system to ensure no standing water forms around the facility.

The track was then marked with white lines to indicate the track's edge and to give users an excellent visual representation of the shapes and flow of the track.

Finally, the facility was landscaped using topsoil and grass seed to give an aesthetic finish and tie it comfortably into the existing landscape.

The track is positioned in the grounds of the Brown's Field Youth & Community Centre and gives parents and children a chance to enjoy the provision within the security of the Youth Centre.

"The final product easily demonstrated their years of know-how with a compelling and dynamic design": Declan O'Hallaran- Cambridge City Council

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