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Dedemsvaart BMX Track, Holland

BMX track building and surfacing works for the Dedemsvaart BMX Club in Holland was completed by Clark & Kent.

dedemsvaart bmx track layout
dedemsvaart bmx track build
dedemsvaart bmx track end view

Dedemsvaart BMX Club in Holland approached Clark & Kent Contractors to construct a new BMX track at an existing location. On a labour-only basis, we travelled over to Holland to complete the BMX track building works that included formation, sub-base and top surfacing, plus the application of specialist block paving and associated groundworks.

Local riders Niek Kimmann and his brother Justin Kimmann have since had some fantastic success on the back of the new track build, enabling them to reach the peak of their potential with the help of a varied and progressive track design. The build time for Clark & Kent was just under two weeks due to the nature of the project, and both the club and ourselves were delighted with the finished results. Since completion, Niek won his first Elite Level World Championship and World Cup series rounds after training on the Dedemsvaart BMX track.

The Cycle Cross Club De Vaart is a BMX club that has set itself the goal to teach children and adults the intricacies of BMX bike racing and help give riders the ambition to grow to top world ranking. Their website says: "In order to achieve this, we have in 2013 a newly created job, by the renowned builders Clark & Kent Contractors who also include Olympic tracks and jobs built for World Championships.

FCC De Vaart is a BMX club with several homes, and the track has been relocated several times. The club finally settled in Archimedesstraat 14b, and a new track was constructed in 2007. Such is the popularity of BMX bike racing in the region that it was soon necessary to upgrade the track, and that is where Clark & Kent came into the picture. Now, as well as regular club events, the BMX track hosts district, regional, and national competitions. You can enjoy a full lap around the BMX track on this YouTube video.

Client: Dedemsvaart BMX Club

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