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Burgess Park BMX Track, Southwark

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Burgess Park National Track end view
Burgess Park National Track landscaping
Burgess Park National Track side view
Burgess Park National Track night view
Burgess Park National Track overview

Following the success of Peckham BMX Club from 2008, and it's rising reputation as one of the best BMX clubs in the country, the London Borough of Southwark decided it was time to build a new BMX track to national standards.

Peckham BMX had been riding out of a sub-standard informal track for many years and the club, along with the London Borough of Southwark, eventually secured funding to commission a state-of-the-art national BMX track and all the required supporting infrastructure and amenities.

Clark & Kent Contractors were involved in plans for a new BMX track at Burgess Park right from the start working alongside LDA design, Peckham BMX Club and the London Borough of Southwark.

Once plans were finalised, Clark & Kent contributed a 3D mock-up and detailed BMX track construction drawings to allow officials and architects to measure and quantify materials necessary for the tendering process.

Clark & Kent Contractors was awarded the BMX track construction contract thanks to the breadth of their portfolio, their worldwide reputation as BMX track builders and the attention to detail shown on previous BMX track building projects.

Scope of BMX track construction at Peckham

Included in our scope of BMX track construction works were;

  • Removal of hard and soft landscaped areas.
  • Remediation, placement, compaction and remodelling of 4,000 cubic metres of base material.
  • Supply and installation of tarmacadam footpaths, access road and holding areas.
  • A comprehensive serviceable drainage scheme.
  • The excavation and installation of ducting to service the track.
  • The supply and installation of a starting gate system.
  • Sub-base groundwork and finished unbound surfacing
  • Tarmacadam track surfacing.
  • A bespoke landscaping and planting scheme

BMX track upgrade paves way to success

Following completion of the project, CK Flash and Peckham BMX Club have gone only one way — up. The new BMX track now draws in events such as the South BMX Championships (2014) and the National BMX Series 2015.

Burgess Park now has one of the largest BMX tracks in the UK at 350 metres with three three-metre high berms and a 70-metre pro straight that is one of the most challenging in the country, with only a handful of riders being able to jump it.

BMX track hosts international teams

Centrally located in the heart of London, it attracts high profile users including the Royal Family of Dubai. The track is also used by international BMX teams racing the World Cup series and those on tour in the UK, including the US and Australian teams.

Burgess Park is a public park situated in Southwark, in an area between Camberwell, Walworth and Peckham and, at 56 hectares, is one of the largest parks in South London.

Unlike many London parks, Burgess Park was developed out of a highly built-up area of the city that was previously made up of housing, industrial and transport infrastructure.

In July 2012, the park reopened following an £8 million redevelopment project, and in August 2013, the BMX track was opened.

In 2014, the park was awarded the prestigious BALI national landscape award that recognises 'exceptional excellence' in landscape design, construction and maintenance.

Client: Southwark Borough Council

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Burgess Park National Track end view
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