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What is a Supercross track?

The Supercross (SX) BMX track is the pinnacle of the sport of BMX bike racing.

A Supercross track is the most challenging for the BMX rider and requires a bigger, faster and more demanding design and layout.

These advanced tracks should also feature a high start ramp to enable riders to gain the speeds necessary to tackle the testing jumps and berms that are often incorporated into the circuit.

SX tracks are the standard for the Olympic Games, World Championships and the UCI World Cup all of which have involved the direct input of Clark & Kent into track design standards.

Clark & Kent acted as consultants when the UCI track guidelines were drawn up in 2014 to help streamline and standardise BMX track design.

Supercross BMX track design

SX tracks will often have an eight-metre high start hill with a starting gate, and they will generally have a much larger footprint than other tracks, usually around 130 by 80 metres.

Although Supercross tracks are built using much the same methods and techniques as national circuits, berms are usually much higher at four metres or more.

BMX riders can reach speeds of 45mph or more along track straights and be prepared to tackle bigger jumps and some testing berms.

First straights on Supercross BMX tracks may often feature a 'pro' section of demanding hills and circuits may include crossovers where one route jumps over another.

Combo tracks will usually incorporate both an eight-metre hill start for elite riders and five-metre high challenge hill for other BMX rider classes.

In drawing up designs for Supercross tracks, consideration must also be given to spectator seating and rider preparation areas.

BMX track designs often include fencing schemes for spectator areas, floodlights, clubhouses, marshal points and other track features.

Clark & Kent supercross track building

Clark & Kent has an unrivalled reputation for BMX SX track design and building. The company has enormous expertise and knowledge in the field of supercross track building with projects competed to the very highest specifications.

BMX SX track building projects include building the track for the London 2012 Olympics and the UCI SX circuit in Switzerland.

Clark & Kent can act as BMX track consultants, designers, and builders. We offer the complete package from initial surveys to building, landscaping and maintaining existing BMX tracks of all sizes and complexity.

No BMX track construction project is too small or too large for Clarke & Kent, and the company has experience and expertise in everything from MTB dirt trails and skateparks to international supercross BMX tracks.

Visit our project pages for many examples of completed Supercross BMX track projects.

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